Family Time

It all started with a sweet dream

We love to go to candy stores - any kind of candy store! We love them all… on vacation, on the weekends, on a Tuesday, wherever and whenever, we love candy!

We also love our little beach town and our community.

What better way to bring people together than with a sweet treat and beach treasures. SweetBu will be your one stop shop to treat yourself or someone else!

Melissa Shot

Melissa Smith

Owner & Creator

A mom and kid at heart with a big sweet tooth.  After 20+ years in marketing and advertising, Melissa has left the corporate world to be closer to her kids and the Malibu community. She loves to trail run, hike (she has to burn off all that candy somehow!), walk with the kids and dog on the beach, collect sea glass, and travel.

Her favorite candy is anything with chocolate (hold the walnuts please) and sour watermelon slices.

Piper Avatar

Piper Smith

CSO & Creator

(Chief Sugar Officer)

A passionate soccer player, tree climber and avid reader. When not busy with school, friends or the beach, you can find Piper baking, decorating and eating cakes in her kitchen at home. Her favorite Candy is Twix, but she could finish a jar of Nutella in no time at all!

Reyn Avatar

Reyn Smith

CCT & Creator

(Chief Candy Tester)

A huge theater buff, a talented singer, dancer and an actor. He has played the lead in many theater productions including Aladdin, Hair Spray, The Wiz, Peter Pan, and Cinderella to name a few. Reyn really never stops singing (He is really good - you might get lucky and hear him singing at the store!) His favorite candy is a Rocher ball.

Teddy Avatar

Teddy Manhattan Bear


(Chief Mascot)

A Labradoodle and the SweetBu mascot (She is way too sweet to be a guard dog.) She loves trail runs, beach runs and belly rubs. Her favorite treats are bones and any crumbs that fall off the dining room table. No chocolate for her though!

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